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Soul Ink Poetry Cartel
The No Name Tavern

Where all a God's people are welcome!!!


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the cartel welcomes bmh:

I will be back, trust me. I am one bad motha, don't believe me? Try me... All right maybe insanity has crept into the mainstream, but I won't stand for it! I want order amidst the chaos. Stifle creativity at all costs my friends it will be the death of us all, Ugh!

GJK says well ben stop drinking and give us some words.
here are some that you sent to me...

"As one wanders through a field of desire and disgust he must wonder what exactly is it that he must. To ponder or deny to maybe justify why, is simply a discourse soon to turn to dust? But dust my friend is the substrate of all - ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Even the Bible has said it, and thus is it such? So dust I will love, and sacred hold dear as I know that in rhyme or reason perhaps can be found in simplicities. Season to know that I seek and will meet and continue to wander yet always in place. I will hold dear that what I might know to be dear in a world of fickle demons and tempests and the melancholy life I shall force to the side. By a shear force of will that I might not be ware or even care. But write a babbling paragraph that partially rhymes and call it whatever I may; I can't say at least I will send it and so be on my way."