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Soul Ink Poetry Cartel
Oldies - AM 1993

We were all young and stupid once... or twice.

Following are pomes written before 1993.
Which means they were written in high school and may really stink, relatively speaking.


you are my shelter
my safe haven
you are my inspiration

you make the world brighter,
the air is lighter
in your habitation

the bitter taste in my mouth
in your presence

instead, a sweet contentment
over me flows
the sadness is drowned
in sweetness
the grief and pain
are gone away
when you become
my life.


utter depression

ashamed i am
for my lack of drive
my apathy swallows me
and leaves me bereft of pride
naked on a beach
rolling in the sand
i lose myself
in abstract dreams
elusive dreams
if only i could brush away
the sand and restore
my dignity
clothe myself in action
and stop believing lies.


the tragic story of a despondent young man

staring at the floor
daring it to move



lost control / lost it all
smoke in lungs
soon blood
soon brain... buzzbuzz

not noticing it's me
i'm watching

don't feel my limbs
don't feel
everything shimmering
don't feel a thing...

numb, warm, slow,
no one knows
ha joke's on me

seems so long ago...
was so long
when i was myself
this ain't me
who is me



the tree
once barren,
now leaved,
left me wondering
what magic
had occured there.



i like it here
in this filthy black hole.
subterranean darkness
befriends me.

pain torment rage regret resentment
inky blackness is my drug.

pain drives me -
hate come easily
try to swallow no choke.

hate has a target outside
but regret burns deep
like acid in your veins
eating your meat.

it ain't right, i know,
i don't know why,
but this agony is bliss.


... driftwood

skeletons of childhood...

... stars in the sand

ice water same
all in the world

jump off a cliff...

... then keep walkin'

rocks clouds same
all in the world

water conquers stone...
time is no one's friend
sun gives life
and moon takes it back

... driftwood

ghost of childhood ...