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Soul Ink Poetry Cartel
The Dungeon


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Various captive issues and miscellaneous arcana.



Great! Tax cuts for rich people! What'll that idiot Bush think of next?

New leadership in Isreal. How fascinating. Just another face for the Palestinians to throw darts at.

Here's some news: the town of Crivitz stinks big time! Can't even get a cup of coffee after 9pm... come on!

So the transition in the White House from pervert to moron is complete. Wonder what Bill's gonna do now? Maybe he should be an intern on Laura Bush's staff.

So Jesse Jackson got a little freaky and screwed up big-time. A child out of wedlock! My goodness...
Bet that kid can't wait to run around saying he's the bastard love child of one of America's most influential reverends. Guess old Jesse's not gonna be freeing any hostages for a while.


Anybody terribly interesting here?
Oh my, yes! It's ddr!

Q: How old are you?

A: 25.

Q: Do you think that's a stupid question? Do you think that age has anything to do with intelligence or wisdom?

A: It's an interesting piece of trivia. Age definitely has something to do with wisdom.

Q: Do you consider yourself to be wise?

A: Wise as a rule, no. Wise about some things? Yes.

Q: What kind of things?

A: Relationships, mostly other people's. Human relations in general.

Q: So you're a people person?

A: No. I just know about people.

Q: Knowing what you know about people, do you have faith in them as a species?

A: To do what? Faith has to be based on some kind of action.

Q: Do you trust people to be good to each other? To treat each other with respect?

A: Not all people.

Q: What kinds of people do you trust to be kind?

A: How about 'who do I find to be honest?'

Q: Okay. Shoot.

A: Children. The elderly.

Q: So you don't think that I'm honest? Or that you're honest?

A: I know that you aren't. Myself too.

Q: Okay, let's shift gears. State your relationship to Soul Ink guru GJK for the record.

A: I'm his better half.

Q: Touche! How long have you been his better half?

A: This time around?

Q: Total time together.

A: Seven years and seventeen days.

Q: You count the days? You must really be hopelessly in love with him.

A: Hopelessly. Like a fish needs a bicycle.

Q: Ha! How do you feel about the Cartel?

A: ... The Cartel is just a baby, I'd like to get to know it better.

Can a politician ever be trusted?

A: [Groans.] Yeah. Sure, why not?

Q: Because most of them are scoundrels and puppets for special interests, pawns for big business.

A: Most of them might be scoundrels, but I'm not willing to make a blanket statement that they can't be trusted.

Q: How do you feel about zebras?

A: I like them. They're beautiful. Mostly though, I don't think they belong in zoos.

Q: Greatest male actor in the world?

A: Ethan Hawke.

Q: Female?

A: Julie Andrews... [laughs] I don't know.

Q: Is that an indication that women don't get challenging roles?

A: No.

Q: Karl Marx - genius or fool?

A: Neither. Just a guy with a different idea.

Q: Was Freud a nut-job?

A: I don't know enough about him.

Q: He was. But whatever. Greatest writer of all time?

A: Homer.

Q: Simpson?

A: [Laughs.] No - Homer.

Q: Sorry. Now time for the Miss America Question - what is the greatest challenge facing the human race?

A: Life.

Q: Elaborate.

A: How do we make peace in the world? How do we feed everyone who's hungry? How do we teach people to differentiate between their wants and their needs?

Q: That's good, answering questions with deeper questions.
Had enough?

A: What else have you got?

Q: Are you in love with Moby?

A: No, but I find him deeply intriguing.

Q: I find it intriguing that you used the word 'deeply.'

A: Why? That's not a question anyway.

Q: Are you also intrigued by The People's Champion,
The Rock?

A: Entirely. Having just read his autobiography, I've learned there's more to him than black trunks and an eyebrow.

Q: Has the WWF gotten too sexy for its younger audience?

A: Maybe, but that's why they offer a Saturday morning highlight show without the sexy aspect.

Q: How do you feel about Chyna's Playboy spread?

A: It wouldn't be my first moral choice, but she's a

Q: Do you think it reflected poorly on the WWF?

A: I don't know how much direct association there was made between the two.

Q: Last question. Is NASA an organization of boneheads?

A: In some ways, yes. I am personally offended by the amount of money that is spent every year sending things and people into space. The reason it offends me is simple - people everywhere around the world are hungry. Children die in the arms of their mothers every day because they don't have anything to eat. With the money that NASA spends tens of thousands of lives could be saved. Of course, NASA is not alone in the shame barrel, the governments of countries all around the world could try to concentrate less on weapons of mass destruction and focus some energy on the protection of life.

Q: Thank you for your thoughts.

- - - - - - - - -


"Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels"

This movie could be called the British 'Pulp Fiction,' but that would be a disservice to both films. This film is highly inventive, brutal, darkly hilarious, and come on - who doesn't love British accents? Full of suspicions, backstabbing, and drug dealing morons this film begs to be watched. The twisting endings leave you gasping and the final twist - well, who knows? It's an O'Henry teaser to the tenth degree.

SCALE: 1 - 11

SCORE: 8.5


Pearl Jam

This is definitely P.J.'s best effort since 'Vitalogy.' Don't let the spacey cover art fool you - this album has its fair share of classic yet polished P.J. grit. But the truly shining moments of this album, like most of the others, comes with the slower fare. 'Light Years' is a mid-tempo pseudo-ballad of childish simplicity and infinite beauty. Here Eddie's voice is as desperate and subtly soulfull as ever. 'Nothing As It Seems' showcases Mike McCready like never before. The lead doesn't shred, it doesn't jar your senses, but it jars your soul. His guitar has an amazingly baffling and powerful allure on this track, and the song and words make this one of the greatest P.J. songs ever. It is truly an Immortal Song, as is 'Slieght of Hand.' This spaced-out track matches the imagery of the cover. With a confounding drum beat, simple melody, and layer upon layer of back-up guitar tracks, this is a must-listen on headphones. 'Binaural' is the most highly and most tastefully produced P.J. album to date, and 'Slieght of Hand' is a perfect showcase for this. With up-tempo punk-flavored songs and a couple songs mildly tinged with country tones filling out the album, this is a must-have. One other note - Jeff's dog has a cameo on one song, and boy does he sound mean.

SCALE: 1 - 7



Jack Kerouac
"Some of the Dharma"

This is not really a review. I have not read this book, but I have looked throught it. I can say on this basis that if you are at all interested in Jack or the Beats, you must have this book. It is a collection of poems, stories, essays, notes, reflections, and haiku on dharma and Buddhism. It is the perfect companion to 'Scriptures of the Golden Eternity,' Jack's other work on Buddhism. It is an artistic and academic oddyssey through the mind of one of America's greatest minds.