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Soul Ink Poetry Cartel


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Meet Mr. Onion-head
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Meet Mr. Onion-head

Mr. Onion-head is the mascot of Soul Ink Publishing.
Please don't eat him, he's the only one who
really understands me.

Crazy Mr. Onion-head say:

"Never underestimate the power of foo."

"It's not The Man keepin' you down - it's the aliens."

"I drink way too much beer - I must be a carbohydrate addict."

"If you want, I could help you find a Losers Anonymous meeting."

"I wish I could find a Kid Rock CD."

"If you think George W. stinks, move to China."

"Be all The Man wants you to be - join the army."

"Would you like a career peeling potatoes? Join the navy!"

"I wish I could find a Wal-Mart."

"Help Wanted: Plumber. No belt required."

"Help Wanted: Cop. Enjoy worry-free hobo beating."

"Wanted: Rock vocalist. Sammy Haggar need not apply."

"I wish I could find a really stupid reality show."

"Be sure to buy tuna-friendly dolphin."

"Hey pig - do you want chocolate or cream-filled?"

"I wish I could find a bar."

"I wish I could find a lawyer."

"Ha-ha! You're one step closer to your grave!"

Mr. Onion-head is also the president of many interesting organizations. Here are a few he is most proud of.

Society for the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (SPNW)

American Criminal Liberties Union (ACLU)

Society for the Ethical Treatment of Weasels (SETW)

Narcisistic Association of Superfulous Airheads (NASA)

National Association for the Advancement of Colored Pencils (NAACP)

Mighty Tasty Vegans (MTV)

Society for the Eradication of All Rod Stewart Music (SEARSM)