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G: Art is the most valuable commodity that a society has.

D: People are more valuable.

G: People simply exist. I am concerned with what people create, and art is their most valuable creation.

D: Life is their most valuable creation.

G: What kind of life?

D: Children.

G: Why are children so important?

D: They are the future of our species.

G: Is child-rearing just as important as the children themselves?

D: Raising a child appropriately is crucial.

G: How do we teach our children how to live?

D: By example.

G: So we only teach them how to act by how we act?

D: No. But it's the best way.

G: So our children should be wonderful at making war.

D: Probably everyone is good at making war - it is a basic instinct.

G: So how do we teach our children to deny evil instincts?

D: We show them how we deny them - by teaching patience, goodwill, concern, compassion.

G: Isn't art capable of depicting the noble actions of man? If our instinct is to kill, maybe art can teach us peace.

D: I don't know if art has the ability to change people who are violent by nature.

G: If men are indeed vile creatures, isn't it the place of art to depict that vileness, to expose it as reprehensible? Or to describe the possibility of nobility and goodwill?

D: It is the place of art to depict whatever is in the soul of the person who creates it.

G: So art is reflection of the soul?

D: Pure art is.

G: So pure art is indeed very valuable, if we are interested in our own souls.

D: Yes.

G: Does art not then play an important role in the teaching of our children?

D: In some instances it does... it has an essential function in the education of our children.

G: So life, i.e. children, is the most valuable thing a society has; and art plays an essential role in the development of life. So is it fair to say that art is the most valuable thing a society has, since children are part of that society?

D: Art is an essential product of society.

G: Could you live without it?

D: Yes.

G: Would you want to?

D: No.